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Hurricane Harvey Recovery Guide

    (Bilingual - Spanish and English)

None of the  information should be construed as legal advice. It is solely being provided to assist those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. This document was compiled using federal, state and local government resources along with advice from people having experienced similar incidents. It is intended to be used as a guide and not a standard.

Nada de la información presentada debe ser construida como consejo legal. Es solamente proveída como asistencia para aquellos afectados por el Huracán Harvey. Este documento fue creado usando recursos gubernamentales federales, estatales, y locales, así como con el consejo de gente que ha experimentado incidentes similares. La intención es que sirva de como guía y no como un estándar oficial.

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In Houston:

Outside Help:

Hands On Volunteers

If you know of any initiatives you want us to feature or spread the word about please let us know !

Animal Shelters


Some Animals are looking for their home, others are in need of a new one, or a temporary place they can call home while they find their owners. If you can help fostering or caring for a new friend please take a look at the links below:

Spread The Love

There are many ways to help. Most organizations need funds to continue seeing Houston, Houstonians, and fellow Texans, back on their feet. Take a look at some of these below. If you know of any other you would like us to feature please let us know!

Volunteer Houston and All Hands Volunteers are still coordinating help!

Thank You From Mittcute

Hello Everyone,

Mittcute was created on the premise of loving your city and discovering all it has to offer with like minded people.  Houston is our city,  and right now it needs all the love it can get!  For those who don't know Hurricane Harvey passed by strongly. There is much left to do as the city puts itself together again, - and it will!

Houstonians have done a fantastic job as a community of helping each other out the best way they can. If you have seen the videos/images,  flooded streets didn't stop boats, kayaks, and even paddle-boards, from venturing out and bringing people and animals to safety.

Businesses are rallying together to provide shelter or gather donations for those in need, and people across the country are creating awareness and donating to support Texas in this time.

Everyone is doing their part, and this is the way Mittcute can help right now. Help us spread the love for Houston!

There is no help too small, there is no love too little! If you want to stay posted on other                                                            let us know, and we will keep you in the loop!

Thank you again,

The Mittcute Team


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