For anyone who has completed an escape room, you know exactly just how fun and challenging they can be. It gives a person the chance to step away from their normal life routine, and walk into an alternate reality in a safe environment. Now, for those of you who haven’t experience an escape game or are not sure what this means, I’ll put Houston Panic Room in perspective for you. Just think Detective meets Hunger Games. Patrons are locked in a room trying to solve clues, puzzles, and riddles for one hour…or they’re locked in there forever! 

Ok...not really. But you CAN volunteer yourself as tribute and force your friends, co-workers, and family members into the game. (Sorry sister, you’re coming too.) Upon approach of Houston Panic Room, nothing is as it seems. The building is all too quiet and common on the outside. Even the entrance is nothing but a small waiting area and a narrow corridor that could induce a slow rise of panic before you even enter the game. But don’t let this fool you, inside there are hidden rooms and compartments that somehow fit.  

Houston Panic Room has three rooms displayed, Abandoned School Room (4-10 People), Cabin Fever Room (4-7 People), and Zombie Apocalypse Room (4-6 People.) Don’t worry, they change the themes and games every 6 to 8 months. So, you can still try them all and come back for more!

The Mittcute Team tried the Zombie Apocalypse Room, and it was as thrilling and challenging as ever. Our team’s talents were tested in a whole new way! We quickly realized that it was important to have all sorts of ways of thinking to be successful. Now, we won’t tell you how the room was set up…you have to figure out those secrets for yourself. The Operator, or “Game Maker” as we like to call them, gives you nothing but a pen and paper, and a walkie talkie. Once inside, the “Game Maker” watches every move made and can hear team strategies. 

The “Game Maker” makes sure that you are on track making good time, and will be your lifeline into the real world. Mittcute was given 7 clues to use while we were in the room. We receive the clues by asking for help, or earning a clue. The Key to Success? DON’T PANIC! It’s easy to overthink or disregard important clues and details of riddles. When the countdown is ticking away, you can feel the magnitude and pressure building to solve the case. The intricate visual and sound effects can also cause you to be completely consumed into the alternate world. Just remember to breathe, and write down everything! You never know when a small detail in the beginning, could hold a big part even until the very last riddle. And if you are calm you just might beat the clock, save your lives, and the entire human race! So what happens when the clock runs out? Well…you get mutilated by zombies. 

On the bright side you will be saved by the “Game Maker” and will be shown how to do the rest of the game. That way you don’t wake up in a cold sweat wondering what went wrong. Whatever happens, you will most definitely have your heart pumping and ready to solve the next case! Feeling competitive? If you solve the case and break the record for fastest time, your team gets to have their picture and time on the wall! 

How Do I Sign up and What do I need to know? All you need to do is grab a group of people and sign up for an allotted time slot. You can do this by visiting Houston Panic’s website or giving them a call at 713-714-1990. The time slots run every hour and every hour and a half. All you need to do is show up 15 minutes before your slot, and sign in! 

Your friends are too boring for this type of fun? Fret Not and Mittcute!                                                  - Michelle Liles



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