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Go Out. Live A Little. Meet New People. 

How it Works:

Step 1: Think of something you want to do. something you want to see. something you want to eat... Got it? Great!

Step 2: Now, how about finding someone who is literally thinking the same thing, or just loves the idea you propose? Like an activity post, or create your own and have someone like yours.


Step 3: Meet before the week is up and enjoy together!

Do it your way. Make it a romantic get together or a chill hangout. The city is at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless, and the activity is whatever you make of it. 

Why Mittcute?

  Once Upon A Time, there was a very good story. People loved it so much that they decided to tell more. Then they started to show as they told. In came drawings, and costumes, and masks, and music, and stages, and capturing all that in a moving picture.  People spent countless hours writing, reading, or watching stories about two characters who met and as a part of meeting were pulled into the most romantic or magical of adventures. 


 Sometimes these characters met through fate, other times it was a matter of coincidence, often times it was because they had something in common (even if they didn’t know it). In film, that point of meeting is called a "meet cute," and oh have people had fun inventing "meet cutes" left and right. No universe has been too small or too far-fetched for two characters to meet, and it still isn’t!  


 All those adventures between friends and couples started with a simple connection, face-to-face, in a random or well-known place. So, here is what we propose to you: how about you go out into the city and have a little story of your own? That is what Mittcute is all about! It’s not about romance or friendship, it is about either, or both. Mittcute is about creating simple, in person, people-to-people connections; and exploring what your city has to offer.   


 A Mittcute is that moment in your story when you meet someone new for an activity you both already like or want to try. It’s about creating fun memories or sharing delicious ones with others. Try a new activity or find someone who loves that favorite spot as much as you do. Make lifelong friendships or momentary connections, that’s all up to you. Here is a mini realm of possibility so no matter where you are, no matter who you know, and no matter what you think you know there is to do around town, you get to be surprised and enjoy a nice hangout or a fun date. The point is to meet up with someone and enjoy an activity together!


 It’s simple: all you to have to do is create an activity or look for someone else’s activity post -> show interest -> match interest  -> and then go to the activity and meet in person.


 We hope here is the beginning to some beautiful friendships…or even more...  


 May the Mittcute Be With You, 

  The Mittcute Team

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