Adventures In Houston

The following is a tale of wild west adventure during rodeo season (that has absolutely nothing to do with rodeo) when three young Houstonians decided to venture into the magical worlds of martial arts, escape rooms, aerial yoga, and delicious food...We had a blast and we wanted to share this place with you.

In short here is what we think of all those amazing destinations:




While Texas is known for it’s TexMex cuisine, Mexican flavor in the food is often times sidetracked for it’s Northern neighbor’s. Cuchara brings the traditional flavors of Mexico to the heart of Montrose, where a casual lunch or a hipster dinner are an everyday occurrence.

Get ready to sample the flavors of Mexico City and discover new flavors with traditional and modern takes on already known favorites such as tacos, quesadillas, mole, and tequila! Quench your thirst on an Agua Fresca, or try the specials that take you on a journey through country’s flavorful cuisine.

The Food

El Puelblito Logo.jpg

El Pueblito


Bringing homey Mexican cuisine to Houston in a very laid back style. Grab a sampler plate with friends and share some flautas and quesadillas on the patio while you sip on a Coconut drink and pretend to be outside the city for a few moments.


If you are looking for a 5 de Mayo experience, El Pueblito throw’s its annual bash, transforming it’s locale into a patio of fun and fiesta. 

Punk's Simple Southern Food

A little bit of chicken fried, some collard greens on the side, then that mash that tastes just right, and the radio oooooooon….


Punks Southern Food knows how to take the Southern vibes of a bar, a family restaurant and a fried chicken joint and put them all together in a modern and homey setting with delicious food.


You have the tables watching the game intently, and the families with kids playing around, and then the group of friends celebrating a birthday, all gathered around some homey southern yummies that are worth the mention. If you go and you love your fried chicken, then order a big plate to share and order all the sides you can handle! 

Coppa Osteria

Pizza. Takeout. Slot.  What? Besides having amazing pizza, Coppa has a small pizza pickup slot where you can grab your take out and head to Rice University or Herman Park for a nice picnic and maybe some pseudo stargazing (if the weather permits). 


Inside, this CCC restaurant has the vibes of a traditional trattoria mixed in with a hip New York Italian joint, with just enough lighting to make an evening romantic or fashionable. A lot more relaxed that it’s CCC counterparts, go enjoy a slice of pizza and wine with friends, or get your own carbonara or Osso bucco and savor every bite!

The Dunlavy

With a lovely view and a vibe that screams Marie Antoinette’s modern treehouse, the American fare at this restaurant goes from healthy to rustic with a hint of homemade.


Try their  Chicken and Waffles Salad if you want to mix in the greens to legitimize that craving, or their deliciously prepared market vegetables for that farmhouse almost homemade flavor, if you go for veggies get their seasoned French fries too! Their flavoring keeps things fresh with a slight reminder that while rustic and even homey, it’s not really your kitchen.

Brasserie19red-01 3.53.10 PM.jpg

Brasserie 19

If you’ve ever seen Gigi, or a painting of Maxim’s at the turn of the last century, going to Brasserie 19 at night can be reminiscent of that moment where everything seems to stop for a millisecond as a person walks into the room and everyone dressed up seems to be aware of everyone else.


A great place to enjoy stake, wine, French cuisine, and people interactions, go for the ambience and stay for the food!



Dining al fresco, some nice candlelight, delicious tapas, and for a second you are out of Houston’s Midtown area. A great place to enjoy small bites and drinks with friends before going out or a full dinner taking your time to savor a good wine.


Ibiza brings a little bit of Spain with a classic CCC twist to your Houston evening. Oh, an there’s paella Sundays! Yummmmmmmm

Cafe Lili

Lebanese food is known in the region for flavor, spice, and the accompaniment of a warm welcome. A mix of meats, veggies, rices, stews, and desserts can be found at Cafe Lili.


There is a little bit of everything for everyone’s palate and it comes with the speed of a Cafe and the touch of a family owned restaurant. If you stay for dessert try that coconut cookie alongside a cup of Turkish coffee. If you like sweet, you’ll come back for more!

The Fun

logoblk (2).gif

Bar Boheme


Patio hangout at it’s best. Throw in some welcoming vibes, some hipster accents, an open rustic patio look on the outside and bar on the inside, a couple of couches, many corners for big parties to hang out in, and an order of delicious French fries and some flavorful cocktails.


The pizza is pretty good too! Go with a couple of friends or with an entire group, you’ll have a chill place to hang out and have fun either way.

Howl at the Moon


What are you doing on a Saturday Night? Feeling like something to do, something fun, musical, that doesn’t ask too much of you but still invites you to be social?


That’s exactly what going to Howl at the Moon can be!


Between their live music and dueling pianos, their nice bar atmosphere and a midtown location that ensures it is bustling with people go grab a drink with friends, or a juice, and enjoy some late night socializing with great music. 

Escape Hunt Houston


Welcome to a tech savvy, detailed set, Sherlock inspired -> escape room experience. This is escape room at it’s best. With code breaking going from lights to morse code, the room enfolds you in the story in the best way possible. You are on a set, the items look legit, and there is so much to take in you better focus on the task at hand and don’t let the details fool you.


You never know what is going to open up unexpectedly or where that will take you but if you find something keep it close it may come in handy later…


After some good sleuthing, 

enjoy a nice cup of tea in a victorianesque setting and take a picture with your Sherlock thinking cap on, or cape.

Houston Panic Room


A small door, uninteresting, in an open strip mall. Ha. Just like every other thing inside, that small door is misleading. Once you walk through it you are in Houston Panic Room Headquarters! Not the most fancy of panic room locations or settings, this Room goes to show you that a little can go a loooong way if you know what to do with it! With a little extra that we can’t give away, you will definitely feel the clock ticking as you race to open the right door out!


Go with two friends, go with a party, there’s room for all.

Rice Cinema 


Rice University needs no introduction in Houston, Rice Cinema however, is oftentimes overlooked. Why? Simple, it’s low key, temporary-trailer look can make anyone think there is not much to look at in there. They couldn’t be more wrong. 


The cinema holds film festivals, and film classes for Rice Students and Glassell cinema aficionados alike. For a film buff there is nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting in a comfy cinema chair, and being in a theater with history, where the screen and tech represent one film époque, and the storytelling on it another.   Here’s a little tid-bit, this theater has had it’s share of visitors: it is the same one where Andy Warhol premiered his violent Lonesome Cowboys, and where Michelangelo Antoni, Martin Scorsese and Milos Forman have screened their work. Oh and George Lucas showed his original version of THX 1138 there too! 


Tough act to follow but stay after the movie for a Q&A with a willing director or producer, or walk out of the room, and participate in one of the many hosting events the film festivals bring, or walk about the open exhibit space and take in another art exhibit by students or professionals alike that is sure to take your mind on a journey. With a beautiful modern open space and long glass windows that fill the room with light, you will find one thing or another to enjoy your afternoon.

The Workout


Krav Maga Houston


Ethos and discipline best describe Krav Maga Houston, yet it is your ethos and your discipline they are looking for you to follow. With a non-nonsense yet friendly attitude, when people walk into class they are immediately a part of it. Instructors may have a spartan-like look yet a second speaking with them is all you need to know they are there to help you learn and to make sure you do so safely and respectfully of others. 


People centric, you can expect to be pushed physically and in some cases mentally, yet always in an environment built on respect and awareness of the people around you. Focused on technique and intuitive movements, Krav Maga is a tool that you can take with you everywhere and empowers you to take care of yourself regardless of your size or height. It makes you feel safe when walking to your car at night, and helps you move better to avoid conflict with the drunk friend at the party that keeps wanting to pick a fight. You can be going for a good workout before or after work, or on a belt track to truly engage in the martial art aspect of it, either way the techniques you learn are self-defense at it’s best and most practical!  


Elite MMA


Elite is as a mixed martial arts establishment with a goal oriented environment. If you are looking to stay fit or grow in your martial arts knowledge of jiujitsu, MMA, or kickboxing, etc,  then check them out! While part of a class you also self design a goal track. You keep record of your advancement throughout in a card and work towards your goals in class while still participating in the group class and advancing in your general training. Your coaches will keep your personal goals in mind and help you reach them too. At the end of training you know you had a good class, maybe you are exhausted, but you also know that you are closer to that personal best!


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